Nicole Castellanos - Beginner Basics Bellydance Instructor

Class Schedule:


Belly Basics


12:00 -1:00pm





Class Format & Benefits:

My class focuses on teaching women the basic steps of belly dance in order to build a strong foundation. This class is intended for those who want submerge themselves in this art or simply learn a new hobby! I showcase several moves that are carried out throughout the class. These moves are then put into small combinations that are easy to remember and fun to practice at home. My goal is to introduce women to a life-changing art form that not only will affect them physically, but also mentally and spiritually. We will explore this ancient art as I introduce you to the music, dancers, and props that make this dance so magical. Ultimately, I want for all of my students to strengthen their bodies and confidence level, so that they may bring out the Goddess in them!


What to Wear:

Come comfortable! I suggest yoga pants or dance pants. Belly-showing is optional so a sports bra, tank top, or t-shirt may be worn. Barefoot is highly encouraged, but ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or dance heels (Ballroom or Latin heels) are acceptable.


Teacher Info:

I took my first Belly Dance class in the year 2006, when I was looking for a new hobby. I found my passion at The Goddess Store and Studio when I began taking classes with Maria Jammal. Needless to say, I was totally hooked! Thanks to a scholarship from Carmen Garzon, I was able to fully focus on training with this Master Instructor. After a few years, I completed a Teacher’s Certification program by Maria Jammal. I am a member of Almaas of South Florida Bellydance Troupe, where numerous performances are showcased at world-known events. I have participated in Belly Dance competitions, winning titles such as; “Rakstar 2012 People’s Choice Award”. I’m in constant growth and exploration by taking workshops throughout the year (with instructors like Amar Gamal, Saida, Virginia, Tito, Beata and Horacio Cifuentes), performing at restaurants, community, and private events.


What is Belly Dance?

Belly Dance, Raqs Sharki, Oriental dance… it is one of the oldest forms of dance to be practiced, yet it was not always known. Belly dance was a mystery, since it was a dance that no man could see. It was more of a ritual dance practiced only by women amongst themselves. This sacred dance was mostly used to celebrate femininity and to ease the birthing process. Today, Belly Dance has gained rapid popularity, as it has expanded throughout the world. There are many diverse variations or forms of belly dance, i.e. Egyptian (Cabaret, Oriental, Saidi, etc.), Turkish, Tribal, etc. Join me in exploring this art!!! Let’s Belly Dance!