Maria Jammal
Master International Bellydance Instructor

Master Bellydance Instructor Maria Jammal



MONDAYS 8:00-9:00PM

SATURDAY 1:00-2:00PM


THURSDAY 8:00-9:00PM


SATURDAYS  2:00-3:00PM

Class Format:
Maria’s  classes are intense and high energy and oriented towards perfecting proper technique, improvisational skills  and the feeling of the dance. Her  enthusiasm and energetic spirit will captivate and motivate you to grow and expand your limits as a dancer.

What to Wear & Bring:
Comfortable stretchy pants and sports bra or T-Shirt, Hip Wrap and a Veil.  Water

Teacher Information:
Maria Jammal is a Moroccan bellydance instructor and choreographer noted for incorporating authentic styling & feelings into the dance technique. Maria was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, she studied ballet since the age of eight. She went on to explore Jazz, Modern and Contemporary styles. At 18 she won first place at the Conservatoire Casablanca and was given a scholarship at the Paris Opera. At twenty-one, she moved to Paris to continue her dance studies and perform with the Paris Opera School of Ballet. She lived in France for 12 years. She traveled to Egypt to study Oriental dance, then opened her own school in Casablanca in 1986.

She has danced for both the Rothschild and Saudi Arabian royal families.  Maria has also performed in several films and television programs in both Morocco and Egypt.

She is a formidable presence in the Middle Eastern dance world as both an extraordinary performer and a much sought after instructor & choreographer.  She has been the owner and artistic director  of Belly Dance Studios in Morocco, Canada and Miami and is one of  the most popular teachers amongst the top dancers in Miami. She has taught and worked with Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka, Samay, Hanan,  Virginia & Amar Gamal just to name a few. She is well known for her authentic dance technique, her elegant & vibrant style  and her natural interpretation of  Arabic music.  Her impressive career has encompassed performances and workshops in Geneva, Paris, Canada, Luxembourg, Damascus, Cairo, Morocco, England, Japan, Spain and all over the United States.