Isis San Miguel Bellydance Instructor



7PM - Belly Tech

8PM - Belly Flow

Wear Comfortable Clothes, Stretchy Pants & a T-Shirt or Sports Bra. Bring your Zills & veils. if you don't have we have loaners until you get your own.

Class Format:

Belly Tech: (Wednesday 7-8p.m.)

This is an beginner/open level belly dance class that focuses on the technique and understanding of belly dance. A blend of Suhaila style drills and dance movement builds your technique and stamina. We will start with a warm up,  moving into accross the floor progressions then to center floor for hip work and layers/isolations.

All levels are welcome!

Belly Flow: (Wednesday 8-9 p.m.)

This class builds on the foundation of the Belly Tech class to help transition from technique and practice to choreography and improvisation. We will use games to aid in dancing creatively and freely as well as focus on choreography that inspires the artist within! Props such as veil and finger cymbals will also be explored.

All levels welcome, however this is a faster paced class than the Belly Tech.

Class Benefits:

  1. Rediscover your grace, fluidity, coordination and posture
  2. Core strengthening of the upper & lower abs, obliques, glutes and quads
  3. Feel invigorated and uplifted - walk out with a positive aura
  4. Increase your heart rate and self esteem
  5. Learn to nurture your inner beauty
  6. Relieve stress by the sheer joy of dancing
  7. Develop the foundation and expression of belly dance

What to Wear & Bring:

Because some exercises require that we get on the floor; pants like work-out/yoga pants or leggings are best, also a hip scarf or sash, and bring some foot protection such as ballet slippers or dance paws (toes can get tender from turning or dancing on relevé.)  However, these are only guidelines; you are free to wear what makes you feel good! A bellydancers bag should also include 1 or 2 veils and finger cymbals!

Teacher Information:

Belly Dance Competition Achievements

* 2012 Belly Dancer of the Year

* 2011 Winner of the Miami Bellydance Convention

* 2010 Entertainer of the Year

* 2010 Belly Dancer USA

* And more since 2007

* Certified in Suhaila Salimpour’s format Level 2

* Certified in Jamila Salimpour Level 1

*  Member of Virginia’s Wa Nour Al Ayun from 2003 to 2010

* Received Virginia’s Certificate of Teaching Belly Dance for  Beginners 2011

* Certified in Hatha Yoga I & II

Career Highlights:

* Contestant on Season One of Project BellyDance
* Featured Belly Dancer on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance

* Performing and teaching  internationally

Website & Facebook Link: