Carmen Garson - Basic Goddess Bellydance

 Class Schedule:


Monday to Thursday (Basic Goddess Bellydance)

12:00 -1:00pm


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  (Basic Goddess Bellydance)



Private Lessons by Carmen

 Appointment Only Call 954-881-6238

One hour $49

$65 in  your Home.

5 Privates/$200  in studio, $250 at home

Instructor of the following:

Beginner Belly Dance, Yoga Belly Dance, Beginner Flamenco, Goddess Empowerment & Creative Dance & Tantric Dance.

Basic Goddess Bellydance: 

This class includes yogic stretches, breath work, all the basic movements of bellydance, hip circles, hip figure eights, chest circles, snake arms, shoulder rolls, traveling steps, basic turns, shimmie drills and much more . I also include creative self expression and a dance circles. In an Empowering Your Inner Goddess Format. My class is a fusion of bellydance, yoga, Goddess Wisdom sprinkled with Love & Passion.

Class music is selected from Yoga, traditional bellydance and other fun world music.

Kids Class: The children are taught in their own style of learning and allowed to be creative. Children are innate artist and dancers so I encourage and coach their abilties. We make in fun in this class and also add yoga stretches and breathwork for kids. They are taught all the basic moves in bellydance and we encourage creative self expression through movement as well.

Beginner Bellydance Cardio: same as above description for beginner bellydance but we do about 45 minutes of all the fast movements & drum shimmy drills so that we work on getting our cardio as well. It's afun class and the easiest way to stay in shape and shed off the pounds.

Goddess Empowerment Dance Class includes:

  • Goddess Belly Dance and Body Fitness
  • Yoga Stretches & Breath Work
  • Chakra Alignment techniques
  • Moving meditations
  • Goddess oracles
  • Goddess herstory
  • Affirmations, Journaling & Other Tools so you honor & stay in your power as a woman.


Benefits of Class:  Gain confidence, raise self-esteem, tone & firm  your body in a fun way, fire up metabolism, increase coordination, flexibility, memory skills, develop musicality & rhythm, add balance, connect with other women and share a common bond.

What to Wear:

Anything that makes you feel comfortable in which you can move sweat and stretch. We dance barefoot or with jazz or ballet slippers.  Bring water & a hip scarf or coin belt if you have one. Not required but helps. We do have for sale if you need to buy one.

Teacher Information:

I have been dancing all my life. I started with formal training as a young girl in ballet & flamenco. In my twenties I studied Martha Graham's Modern Dance technique at Brooklyn College for 2 years and Belly Dance for a year in the dancer's apartment in Greenwich Village, New York. I left dance for a CPA career, a husband and 2 great kids who are now 30 & 25.

In the last 15 years, I gave up my corporate career and returned to dance full time, it's my passion. That's how I got the courage to leave a lucrative career and open the Goddess Store & Studio.

Belly Dance Education:  Maja the Girl from the Nile my mentor & dance teacher in all the genres of bellydance for over 7 years. I also studied Belly Dance with Myriam Eli , Scheherazade, Jeri Beaucaire, Effy  & now Maria Jammal.

I am currently the Managing Director of Goddess Studio's Professional Belly Dance Troupe Almaas of South Florida and also one of their dancers. I have attended many workshops with some of the best dancers in the world. Among them:Tamalyn Dallal, Leila Hadad, Domba, Raquia Hassan, Virginia, Bozenka, Amar Gammal, Samay and many others.

Flamenco Dance: Studying for over 8 years with Miguelangel , Paola Escobar, Niurca Marquez, Adela Green, Josefina Espinola, Mayelu Perez and now with Juan Sobrino from Spain. In addition, I have taken many flamenco workshops in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain and in the USA with Belen Maya, Omayra Amaya, Juan Parra, Chiqui de Jerez, Andres Pena & Juan Tejero.

In the Ecstatic & Spiritual Dances I have  studied Tantric Dance of Feminine Power with Vajra Ma from Los Angeles, Trance Dance with Gaia Budhai from South Beach, Erotic Dance with Annetta Luce from Australia and Exotic Dance with The Art of Exotic Dance for Everyday Women. Currently I practice Biodanza The Dance of Life with Hilda Restrepo.

I'm also a Reiki Master, Level I Tibetan Palm Healing, Access Conciousness Bars, Kundalini Yoga Practitioner, Kuan Yin Initiation, Level 1 Shaman Rights & Meditation Advocate.