About Carmen Garson Owner of Goddess Store & Studio

Hi Welcome:)

I'm Carmen Garzon and Goddess Store & Studio is my dream turned into reality. I have been enjoying this place since 7/1/02. I'm holding this space so that you too can find your inner dancer, artist, poet or take your current artist to the next level and receive the benefits of creativity,  wellness, health, fitness & more balance in your life.

Prior to finally getting the Courage to let my career go, I worked as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)  & Director of Finance & Operations for 20+ years.

 I worked for Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley,  was part of team that created Telemundo Network, Communications & Show Management & Digitas. 

My career was very satisfying at the time and provided me with all I needed to feel successful as a single mother and support myself and my children.

However, I was always dreaming of dancing, playing music, and of course living  holistically and I wanted so badly to tap into my passion. By keeping my dream alive in my mind and in my heart, my dream turned into reality. So from CPA to dancing and owning Goddess Store & Studio. I have found my joy and my wish is that you will too.

Currently I'm also the Founder for Non-Profit: World of Movement Arts Network (W.O.M.A.N.),  and the Managing Director for Almaas of South Florida Bellydance Troupe, Producer & Director of "Magic of Bellydance" Productions, Producer of Multi-Cultural Events and Radio Show Host for "Bastet's Cultural Flow". I also perform bellydance and flamenco. I teach bellydance to adults and children.  I dabble with African & Middle Eastern Drums. I am a Reiki Master, Tibetan Palm Healer, Access Consciousness Bars, Tantric Dance of Feminine Power Practitioner,  4 Levels of Shaman Initiations, Q'ero Womb Keeper, Kundalini Yoga Practioner, Initiated by Angels & Master Ascendants. I love my life!!!  Life is great!!!

I am so very happy and grateful to be able to serve my community & provide this place for you to express & connect with your inner selves through Movement Arts such as all the World Dances, Yoga & Spiritual Wisdom.

Now I'm 60 and my dreams and imagination keeps growing. I'm healthy, energetic and Youthful.  I am so Grateful for all that I have and for your support. Please Come by and visit I look forward to meeting you and sharing my gift with you:)

Radio Show Host for


A Radio Show of lively dialogue about the inspiring stories behind the  artist of all genres and holistic entrepreneurs.

Airs every Monday at 4pm & Friday at 11am

on www.radioearnetwork.com


Call me at (954) 881 -6238 or email me at carmen@goddessstore.com for an interview.